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kåseberga fisH - Ahls smokery

 Ahl´s is a fishshop and  fishsmokery with traditions.
We offer you 20 different kinds of pickled herring, smoked salmon, stuffed baguettes, salmon burgers and a very tasty herring meal. And of course lots of more delicacies from the sea.
Why not try your fishmeal by the sea close to the waves!       Visit Ystad & Österlen   Facebook

Tel +46 411-52 71 80

kåseberga stone oven bakery

  Attached to our Café & Bistro you will smell the wonderful aromas of old time bread being baked. We have looked for old recepies, and adapted them, so we can offer breads based on old traditions baked in modern ways.    Visit Ystad & Österlen    Facebook
Tel:+46 0411-52 72 20


  Vegetable farm where we grow strawberries, raspberries, beans and other vegetables in a biologically protected way. You are also welcome to pluck the berries yourself. In April and May our shop at the farm is open between 9-15 Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. During the Summer Season we are open every day.        Facebook

Mobile: +46 709 66 88 18

lotta-mari presentshop

  We have a wide variety of souveniers and a lot more connecting to Kåseberga and Ales Stenar. Also clothes and Lotta Mari's wodden clogs in different models and colours.
Welcome to us in Kåseberga Harbour, or to our webshop.
Tel: +46 411-52 70 70

sky adventures

  A fantastic experience over the beautiful landscape! Or take a course and learn to fly.

We give you more info in our homepage.,      Visit Ystad & Österlen
Tel:+46 411 527478

  Organically grown potatoes and vegetables. Also with "KRAV" - Ecological Seal of Approval. Situated at the coast way between Sandhammaren and Kåseberga.            Visit Ystad & Österlen
Tel: +46 411-52 70

galleries - art and crafts

anker ART - Galleri k i Kåseberga

  In the middle of Kåseberga you find Karin Anker´s paintings in the very charming Gallery K!
Karin is an artist who paints with a strong personal touch and with lot´s of light, colours and good feelings!

Get more info at the homepage!            Visit Ystad & Österlen          Facebook
Tel: +46 411-52 71 00

antikt & Retro

  Welcome to “Antikt & Retro” on Kasevägen 5. Many of our items are from an old general store. We have antiques, toys, books, clothes and other curiosities for everyone. Maybe we have what you’ve been looking for? Hope to see you soon.
Tel: 0721-89 15 23

argilla pottery

  Hand built stoneware for gifts and everyday wear. In-house production. Complete tableware or selected parts. Spices, forging.
Potter Anders Hägg exhibit his unique  production of hand built stoneware and porcelain both at his Atelier in Löderup and - during the Summer months - in Kåseberga.
Tel: 0411-52 45 60

y. dupont design

 My passion for knitting began when grandmother taught me to knit scarves for dolls when I was 5 years old. Later it became furnitures and clothes to order. 
I have a small shop in Kåseberga. Please visit if you are passing by and the 'Open' sign is up!                Visit Ystad & Österlen

Mobile: +46 702 46 32 57

galleri kustvägen

  At Galleri Kustvägen water-color paintings, inspired by the fields and coastlines of Österlen are displayed, as well as paintings from the world of jazz and classical music. Creative hands is another favorite motive.
Tel: 070-681 08 62

912 - Kåseberga

Elna-Karin Helgesson, potter. Workshop & Shop. Utility & unique ceramics in stoneware. 
Elna-Karin has her workshop and shop in the old court farm alongside the coast road between Kåseberga and Sandhammaren. The ceramics is in the old stable. 

Tel: +46 411-123 50      

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Support members of Kåseberga Byalag


All products are designed and sewn by hand by Charlotta Unger. Sheepskin is from Haväng. Ecological sheepskin from the beautiful landscape Österlen and selected oriental ribbons. You will find my Atelier and Shop on the Coast Road between Kåseberga and Sandhammaren.   Visit Ystad & Österlen                           
Tel: +46 705 88 38 31
  Staffan Håkansson is an artist, living in Peppinge. You find his Gallery and a B & B about 2,6 kms north of Kåseberga. His sensitive photography shows the light, shadows and shapes of Kåseberga and all the hidden and exiting wievs of Österlen.
A photografer with a strong personal touch!            Facebook             Visit Ystad & Österlen
Tel:+46 411-52 66 29